If you’re not as woke as Tre Melvin, you’re probably dead, n*gga

Donald Trump is still our president, white privelege is still a thing, and non-Black people using the n-word is still problematic to say the least.  All that means that Tre Melvin is still big-lipped, brown-eyed and woke–and Black queer Black culture is all the more better for having him.

Tre Melvin started his career on social media years ago as the baritone-voiced, dreamy eyed sensation giving his talk back on pop culture topics on his YouTube channel, This is a Commentary.  Since, he’s amassed a following of over 3.2M subscribers, gained his blue check mark on every major social media network and turned his camera and voice on to topics that really matter.

Included in his arsenal of social media hype are characters like Watermelondrea, the outspoken ghetto girl who is just as woke as the writer, and himself.  He’s recently changed his channel from This is a Commentary to simply Tre Melvin as he continues to expand his entertainment footprint through producing web-series, cameos on other channels, music videos, and staying wokeAF.

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