Our #MCM, @TMarkQ, and Why He is the Most Lit Black Bear Culture Has to Offer

Our #MCM, @TMarkQ, and Why He is the Most Lit Black Bear Culture Has to Offer
Swap out “no fats” for cuffing season’s “someone to curl up under”.  Polar, grizzly, pandas, otters—bears come in all of gay culture’s shapes and sizes, sort of. The main tenants of being a bear are thick, hairy, and, more often than not, non-Black. Black gay culture reserves its own lingo for our cultural subcategories.  Like butch queen, and trade realness, Black gay language is just…different.  But one cultural icon is bridging the language barrier in his effortless slay as the new definition of Black gay bear.

Another day, another suit. #TGIF

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Thai (@TMarkQ) is changing the cultural definition of bears. First of all, he’s Black with abs, ass, and full body of peach-fuzz-meets-five-o’clock-shadow.  He’s the perfect addition to the cool evening cuddle session over a binge-a-thon of Love@FirstNight.  But bigger than just a photographer meets fitness enthusiast, Thai is giving us a language for the oft-cast-aside thick boy in a way that makes all of us watch and wonder, “If I were your woman…”

Sort of like full-figured models for the fashion industry, gay culture has certain oft-inalienable body stereotypes.  Thick, fat, or “curvy” men have remained out of the cultural spotlight in lieu of their twinkier counterparts.

Thai has, albeit unintentionally, challenged the norm by continuously giving us a timeline of double taps and covet-worthy photography, iPhone or otherwise.  From days of lounging at poolside barely clothed, to shirtless workouts or brunch and social gatherings, @TMarkQ is the standard of living, confidence, and sexy.

Head veins are IN. #curls

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But usually, gay culture drifts in the direction of thick men when temperatures drop and the cuddle bug bites.  As if we wear thick men like that trench coat in the back of our closet that is only cold-season appropriate.

Luckily enough, Thai gives us a muscle clad, bear of a creative-genius-meets-morning-wood-reliever all year round.  From the skimpiest of bathing suits for his SoCal lifestyle to the ensembles that told mama that “he’s a little sweet”. Thai is breaking boundaries for thick men all over the world to the tune of 60K+ followers on IG.  And he’s doing it much more than just in the fall.

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